Sunday, February 10, 2008

'Who listen to the voice of society...

I always love to hear a testimony of how God has delivered someone out of the depths of sin, but there is a far greater safety in being reared in a Christian home, where sinful habits and patterns of living are never begun, because, no doubt, those early indulgences can follow a person through all of their life. The following piece from Plain Living and High Thinking, speaks to the difficulty of an immoral upbringing.
"What is wanted for the regeneration of society is that moral courage which shrinks from even the appearance of evil, which unflinchingly sets aside all shams, pretences, and unrealities; the moral courage which dares to act up to the teaching and humbly to imitate the life of Jesus Christ; which will cultivate chastity, and truthfulness, and generosity, and brotherly love.
Is this sublime form of self-denial and self-content impossible?
Yes, to the weak and selfish, who from their youth upwards have fought no fight against temptation, have yielded to the lowest motives, and conceived no lofty purpose; who listen to the voice of society rather than to the impulse of conscience; who have become incapable, from long habit, of raising their thoughts above the petty objects and idols of the world; -- to all such it is impossible."
I would not go so far as to say "impossible", but that last paragraph describes the lifestyle of many Christians and too much of my mine.

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