Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Trade" the movie

I watched the movie
"Trade", with Kevin Kline.
Powerful movie about human trafficking.
This is a must see movie, a bit too raw for teens, I think? but see it first for sure; it is one you could watch twice. Very informative and action packed, full of drama.

I also watched a fun movie the other night, called "Across the Universe". Let me see if I can describe it, It seems as though they took the Beatles music of the sixties and seventies and created a historical account of that time through the lyrics of their music. The Beatles music isn't sung by them, it is reinterpreted in contemporary style, very good I might add. So, you have a movie about the sixties narrated by the words in the Beatles songs. Catchy, and done very well. I think the movie "Once", is the closest thing to it I've seen but not that close. It also leaves out the extremes of the era, which is refreshing, and I can't think when I have seen a movie that takes you back so accurately thru a drama, romantic story. Good ending, and great acting. No one I know, but their voices are exceptional. I think it fleshs out the sixties in an understandable and reasonably unbiased way. Certainly it is what I lived through, and I don't think I could describe it as accurately as they unfolded it.


fcb4 said...

I saw the preview for this movie when I was in the theater and it looked like an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Anonymous said...

Yes, when I saw the previews I was very interested but didn't know if I was up to the emotion. I waited until I was and I'm glad I saw it.
I think it is an important work but I will say it wasn't as emotional as say, Invisible Children, it is a hollywood production so it is easier to watch than a documentary.

HAINAngel2000 said...

I will have to go see this video.

Its so tragic knowing child trafficing. Its a horrific crime from many different cultures. incomes and nations. Its a hidden and dark secret many nations have including our own. These poor children who face this is terrible and life changing and its devistating!
I was sextually molested as a child. It takes so much out of you and can distroy a child. What I went through was horrific so in some small way I understand the pain of this. My heart breaks hearing that so many children suffer through this. I can get fired up about this subject....
Anyway thanks for posting about the movie

FCB said...

Your welcome Mary, I think you will really like this movie.