Monday, February 25, 2008

"What should we think of one who had invented flowers, supposing that, before him, flowers were unknown? Would he not be regarded as the opener-up of a paradise of new delight? Should we not hail the inventor as a genius, as a god? And yet these lovely offsprings of the earth have been speaking to man from the first dawn of his existence until now, telling him of the goodness and wisdom of the creative power, which bid the earth bring forth, not only that which was useful as food, but also flowers, the bright consumate flowers to clothe it in beauty and joy!"
Samuel Smiles -- photo by Simon Kims


fcb4 said...

Flowers to me are one of the many sermons that seem to contradict the many messages about God that come from the lips of preachers and people. They simply stand objectively stubborn against an image of an ascetic like God. His delight in pleasure is astounding and oh so magnificently wasteful. One of the very reasons I can justify using so much paint on learning...God does it all year long.

FCB said...

Good word Eric.