Thursday, February 28, 2008

I think

I think everything good comes from God. I think the nurturing of a mother deer for her fawn comes from God. I think both good and evil men love their children because it is God’s design. I think all love comes from God and it is his gift to all creatures; it is part of being “made in his image”. The capacity to love is because of him and no other. When I see someone doing an act of love, I see a demonstration of God, because God is love.

I think it is the most wonderful gift he could give, and it gives us comfort, counsel, security, unity and hope, just to name a few.
I believe we can learn of God in everything because wherever love is, there His nature is on display. Pagan or Priest, prince or pauper; if I see acts of kindness and love I see the hand prints of God.
I don’t believe Christians have a monopoly on love, but only a fuller understanding of its depth and width as well as its author.
When I see a non-Christian mother gently caressing and cooing with her babe in arms, I bless God for his design and gift of loving. In believing this it makes the whole world a classroom to ever remind me of His presence. That’s what I think.
Painting by W. Bouguereau

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I think so too. -matt