Monday, February 25, 2008

In the chapter of "The Power of Good Women", Samuel Smiles tells this story about President Washington's mother.
"George Washington was only eleven years of age, the eldest of five children, when his father died, leaving his mother a widow. She was a woman of rare excellence, full of resources, a good woman of business and excellent manager, and possessed of much strength of character. She had her children to educate and bring up, a large household to govern, and extensive estates to manage, all of which she accomplished with complete success. Her good sense, assiduity, tenderness, industry and vigilance enabled her to overcome every obstacle, and as the richest reward of her solicitude and toil, she had the happiness to see all her children come forward with a fair promise into life, filling the spheres allotted to them in a manner equally honorable to themselves, and to the parent who had been the only guide of their principles, conduct and habits." Painting by Alma Tadema

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