Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Constellation of Graces".

I was speaking at the Nursing Home last week and my text was 1John: 1-2.
I looked for application of John’s great testimony, and considered that as Christians, we too have ‘heard’ Christ, some have had much hearing before this word of life birthed in us, others, like Mary at the tomb, needed only for the Lord to speak her name. John not only heard the words that gave him life, but saw the Lord. As explained in Matt. 25, we see Christ when we “do unto the least of these”. And likewise, we touch the Lord’s body, when we touch humanity as the Holy Spirit groans within us.

I post much about poverty and the oppressed, not that by doing these deeds that we can earn a gift that has already been given us by God, but these acts of mercy and justice are simply the outworking of God’s revealed will and heart. Not his entire will, or entire heart, as Thomas Brooks so aptly explains – “Holiness is not any single grace alone, but a conjunction, a constellation of all graces together.” But if the suffering of man does not touch us, we are but a child in Grace, and need seek the heart of God for more light. Many parts of the “constellation of graces”, are visible to the world and because of his common graces to all, they see these loving acts and the salt in them can cause a thirst for our motives, and it opens doors to apply other graces, namely to testify of the goodness and love of God. As God reminds us all through the Old Testament, and many of Christ’s deeds were to the poor; I never tire of seeing those in need, and they move, this easily distracted heart, to remember and not to take for granted the countless blessings I have, as I’m sure they do for you as well.
Sculpture by Mark Hopkins

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