Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soccer Season

So, this last week I went to my grandson Raleigh's soccer practice. The coach looked as though he needed some help, so I offered my services. Now I have never played soccer, know none of the rules, but with six year olds, I thought I might keep up and maybe help with crowd control.
It was tooooo much fun. With that age group nothing is rigid, and I am learning along with them.
I wish I were a younger man, or had a younger man's energy, because I just love being out there with the little kids. Then again tonight, I went to my other grandson's first soccer practice. Dre'Sean has never played before so we went to cheer him on. The coach was in the same situation, and because now I'm a seasoned vet. I volunteered again. Once again I think I had as much fun as the kids. I think we lost 18 to 0, and when it was over one of the kids, somewhat discourage, said, 'Did we get anything'? I said, 'did we get anything? Man, we got exercise, we had the chance to practice, we got to kick the ball and learn so many things. Yes we got something!' That seemed to put the light back on, and then one little girl, nearly as cute as my grand kids, came up to me with a wide eyed grin and reached out to hug me, then had second thoughts and let her arms wilt, so I just smiled and rejoiced about the fun it was. She communicated even though I didn't get the hug physically, I got it.

Oh, what does the picture have to do with soccer? Come on, if you haven't got a ball boys will still play.

Photo by Umair Ghani


HAINAngel2000 said...

hehehe now this reminds me of child hood! The picture of the kids chasing chickens. Now that I am in the country we purchased some chickens. I can't wait until we get the call from the feed store! hehehehe aby chicks. SO CUTE!
Anyway back to the post, I also wish I had more energy lol. I am way overweight and could use a little to get some of this off. I like soccer and being there watching kids spend that awesome energy seems to be a blessing in rememberance!

FCB said...

Yes, it reminds me of childhood as well, on my Grandmother's land, where she had chickens as well. Not that I would do anything as dastardly as chase her chickens!
No, no me.....
Love Fred

HAINAngel2000 said...

hehehehe I bet! I bet you and my dad chased many a chicken! lolol
I know my dad all to well!