Monday, April 21, 2008

“Darwin thought that men have descended from animals, and some men have so literally descended. Some seem to have come through the wolf; some have the fox’s cunning; some have the lions cruelty, and some are as combative as bull-dogs. Now, it is not easy to maintain one’s dignity when a little cur nips your heels behind, and a mastiff threatens you before. And some men seem to unite both elements; they run behind you and nip, they go before to bark and threaten. Under such circumstances it is not easy to live smoothly and charitably. It is as easy to breast the current of rivers, but to stand against the full force of public opinion is hard. But midst all life’s conflicts and clashings this task is upon us. We are to maintain peace, love our enemies, and ultimately master the art of right living with our fellows.”
N. D. Hillis - Photo by Jose A. Gallego


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Dad. and picture. -Matt

FCB said...

Thanks Matt, I like this author, very practical.
Love Dad