Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Universal remedy

I ran across this paragraph by William Penn and his prescription for unity encompasses nearly all we need.
His use of the word charity in the context of this paragraph is to be defined as –
“The disposition to think well of others”, versus giving alms etc.

“Next, Charity makes the best construction of things, and persons, and is so far from being an evil spy, a backbiter, or a Detractor, that it excuses Weakness, extenuates Miscarriages, makes the best of every thing; forgives every body, serves all, and hopes to the end.
It moderates extremes, is always for expediences, labors to accommodate differences, and had rather suffer than revenge: And so far from exacting the utmost farthing, that it had rather lose than seek her own violently.
An universal remedy against discord, and an Holy cement for mankind.”
Photo by Mg Lizi - Blu circle

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