Monday, March 31, 2008

Boy with the haunting eyes.

"Jon and I spend our weekends at the malls--but not necessarily to shop. Outside the countless Gurgaon city malls, hundreds of poverty-stricken children and women withstand the India sun to beg for food or money. Having lived here for three months, Jon and I wanted to give something back to the community that has treated us so well. Sometimes we hand out coins, but today, we gave food. Jon tried to buy bananas for the growing crowd of hungry children, but the fruit cart owner tried to double the prices--typical treatment for foreigners. Luckily, Arvind was close by and bought us a big bushel of bananas at cost. Jon and I were so drawn to this little boy. While all the other kids clamored to get our attention, he stood quietly behind the rest to wait his turn. His scarf had a hole in it, his shirt had stains and the buttons were held together with a safety pin. One look into his eyes made me realize what matters in this world. 10 minutes after our encounter, Jon and I got into our car, and the children ran up to smile and wave goodbye."

I found this picture on Flicker and the explanation. I don't know the people but I understand the experience. Travel broadens horizons and fosters a world-wide kinship.

Photo by Amy Dunn

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