Saturday, March 15, 2008

Disappointment and Resignation

"For disappointments, that come not by our own folly, they are the trials or corrections of Heaven; and it is our own fault, if they prove not our advantage.
To repine at them does not mend the matter: it is only to grumble at our creator. But to see the hand of God in them, with an humble submission to his Will, is the way to turn our water into wine, and engage the greatest Love and Mercy on our side.

We must needs disorder our selves, if we only look at our losses. But if we consider how little we deserve what is left, our passion will cool, and our murmurs will turn to thankfulness.
If our hairs fall not to the ground, less do we our substance without God's Providence.
Nor can we fall below the Arms of God, how low soever it be we fall.
For though our Saviour's Passion is over, his Compassion is not. That never fails his humble, sincere disciples: In him, they find more than all that they lose in the world."

William Penn -- Photo by Mitchell Kanashkevich


Mel said...

Amen! When we can truly pray, and live, from the bottom of our hearts, "God, You are more than enough for me!", we are truly free.

Thank you for your post on Pastor Eric's Everlasting Torment post. I checked out your blog, which is awesome(!), to see the posts you were referring to, but I wasn't able to discern which ones you meant specifically...

Did you and your son go to the same "How to find and pick the most excellent photography" class? The photos you choose to enhance your posts are simply breathtaking.

I found an article about hell that you might want to read:

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

God bless you, Brother! :)


FCB said...

Hi Mel, glad to have you visit, and I'm glad you like the posts and pictures. I spend far more time than I should looking for pictures that I think will either illustrate the thought or that are just pictures I really like.
If you live around Eric, give him a call and have him give you my email address. I'm a bit reluctant to post it. But if you aren't around him we'll figure something out. The comment sections aren't a great forum to get to lengthy.
God bless you and yours,

FCB said...

Mel, I looked up the posts I was referring to, and the first one was posted Fri August 24th 07,
the second one begins "I'm always reluctant to post"... You should see that in the side bar, if not just scroll to the bottom and click "older posts", I think you will find it the first time you do that, the picture will identify the subject, trust me.

Mel said...

Thanks a bunch! I'll check those posts out on a day when I haven't already spent waaaay more time on the computer than I should have. :)

I do live near Pastor Eric, and he did give me your email address once before, and I think I still have it on my work computer. We exchanged a few emails about nursing home ministry a year or two ago.

God bless you and yours, too. :) I'll be in touch soon.