Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"You have waked at night in a hot or cold sweat, according to your habit of body, remembering with dismal surprise your own unpardonable acts and sayings. You have been sometimes tempted to withdraw entirely from this game of life; as a man who makes nothing but misses withdraws from that less dangerous one of billiards. You have fallen back upon the thought that you yourself most sharply smarted for your misdemeanors, or, in the old plaintive phrase, that you were nobody's enemy but your own. And then you have been made aware of what was beautiful and amiable, wise and kind, in the other part of your behaviour; and it seemed as if nothing could reconcile the contradiction; as indeed nothing can."
Robert Louis Stevenson --- Photo by Alek Sandrowicz

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fcb4 said...

Ok, that picture weirds me out.