Thursday, March 06, 2008

How to know God

A good life is the best way to understand wisdom and religion; because by the experiences and relishes of religion there is conveyed to them such a sweetness, to which all wicked men are strangers. There is in the things of God, to them which practise them, a deliciousness that makes us love them.; and that love admits us into God's cabinet, and strangely clarifies the understanding by the purification of the heart. For when our reason is raised up by the spirit of Christ,it is turned quickly into experience; when our faith relies upon the spirit of Christ, it is changed into vision. But so long as we know God only in the way of men - by contentious learning, by arguing and dispute -- we see nothing but the shadow of Him; and in that shadow we meet many dark appearances, little certainty and much conjecture. But when we know him with the eyes of holiness and the intention of gracious experience, with a quiet spirit and the peace of enjoyment, then we shall hear what we never heard, and see what our eyes never saw." Jeremy Taylor


fcb4 said...

I really loved that end portion. I agree with the main point or the over arching issue of having this as the main foundation of spiritual life. But for us who have a rigorous and searching mind and a thirsty heart we need more than a quiet soul. Thankfully I find in the life of Christ...a preacher and teacher. A rabbi who engaged the issues, could give a loving whisper and a pointing finger. He could pick up a child and whip someone right out of the temple. He could debate, get hot enough to even engage in some good old name calling. I find the doubter safe at his feet. I find the comfort of being able to say...I wont believe Thomas so bravely admitted...and wasn't rebuked but Jesus led Him to touch to feel to know. Or in one of the moments I treasure in scripture, when Christ 'opened the disciples minds" on the road to Emmas. He explained the scriptures to them. I think our culture needs such encounters with the truth....but in the manner Jeremy Taylor expressed. I pray to be a channel for such dialogue.

FCB said...

Yes, this little post is but one faacet among the thousands that make Christ shine so to us. I too, liked the end the best. There is always a risk of hoping to find the whole counsel of God in a paragraph. Be that as it may, God uses the smallest of his truths to move the strongest. You reminded me of something I will post next.
Love Dad