Friday, July 11, 2008

"Blessed influence of one true, loving human soul on another! Not calculable by algebra, not deducible by logic, but mysterious, effectual, mighty as the hidden process by which the tiny seed is quickened, and bursts forth into tall stem and broad leaf, and glowing tasselled flower. Ideas are often poor ghosts; our sun-filled eyes can not discern them; they pass athwart us in their vapor, and can not make themselves felt. But sometimes they are made flesh; they breathe upon us with warm breath, they touch us with soft responsive hands, they look at us with sad, sincere eyes, and speak to us in appealing tones; they are clothed in a living human soul, with all its conflicts, its faith, and its love. Then their presence is a power, then they shake us like a passion, and we are drawn after them by a gentle compulsion, as flame is drawn to flame." George Eliot

When I first read this it was difficult for me to grasp, but after re-reading it I think it is a simple statement, eloquently written --When help comes to us in the flesh, by someone who is genuine and we can sense they have our interests at heart, they have a power over us, and draw out our affection for them more than a thousand lofty sentiments, intentions or ideas from afar. This is how I saw Jesus working in the world, person to person.


Mel said...

This post reminds me of Joseph's post about Rajan, and how Rajan's countenance came to life when someone took time to have a simple conversation with him. It also reminds me of David Wilkerson, when he first began to minister to the gang members in New York. He gave one of them his shoes because he knew the young man wouldn't be able to listen to the message of the gospel if his feet were cold. Beautiful.

FCB said...

Yes, my first thought when I read this was Joseph's post about Rajan.
Interesting huh?
In Kay Warren's book "Dangerous Surrender" she calls it "The power of presence". I like that.