Thursday, July 17, 2008

"First, That though many weak gracious souls do not enjoy communion with God in joy and delight, yet they do enjoy communion with God in sorrow and tears.

Hos. 12:4 : Isa 38:3; Ps. 51:17 A man may have communion with God in a heart-humbling, a heart-melting, and a heart-abasing way, when he hath not communion with God in a heart-reviving, a heart-cheering, and a heart-comforting way. It is a very great mistake among many weak, tender-spirited Christians, to think that they have no communion with God in duties, except they meet with God embracing and kissing, cheering and comforting up their souls. And oh that all Christians would remember this once for all, viz. that a Christian may have as real communion with God in a heart-humbling way, as he can have in a heart-comforting way, John 20:11-19 A Christian may have as choice communion with God when his eyes are full of tears, as he can have when his heart is full of joy."

Thomas Brooks - Photo by Emrach Icten


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred!

This is very true because most of us Christians turn to God only when we are confronted with troubles, sickness, problems and difficulties in life. We go to him when we want favours. We will beg God, fall down on our knees, weep, sob, pray fervently, light candles, go on a fast, visit holy places etc.

Very few people thank or even think of God when they are happy, successful and filled with joy. They tend to believe that all these things came to them due to their hard work, relentless effors, patience, perseverance and ofcourse, luck.

This is human nature, I suppose!

Best wishes!

Mel said...

I've read both of your most recent posts three or four times each, and gleaned so much more each time I read them. Is amazing to sit back and watch the Holy Spirit work. So many different people, billions of them, each with their own style, history and chemistry. And God knows how to reach each and every one of them, and once they've been captured by His grace and beauty, He also knows how to hold on to them. It makes my heart weep and laugh at the same time.

FCB said...

So true Joseph. David said "in affliction I sought the Lord".
Pain does have a way of motivating us, I must confess, I think if it were not for emotional pain I would have never sought the Lord.

Mel, I think what I like most about his writings are how he shows the fulfillment of that scripture that Christ will not quench smoking flax. I am so quick to question another's faith, but there is so much in this book about how a little grace is saving grace, wish I could publish the whole book! This particular sermon is titled "A Cabinet of Jewels."
I think in evangelicalism, we some times present it as though God is not welcoming as many to heaven as possible, but is straining at gnats to keep people out. Hardly the case; what must a child do to have a parent disown them?