Sunday, July 20, 2008

When I first ran across this picture and studied it, I began to ask myself, 'who am I in this photo?' I started by considering worship; then just enthusiasm in general; then rearing children and the uproar it can cause; then I couldn't help but apply it to the legalist in religion.

The two prominent girls, with hands reaching out, are fully engaged in what ever it is that is going on. The balance of the spectators are each taking a different posture. I should be more like the two reaching girls, less like the woman in the rear.

Photo by Tomasz Pluciennik


HAINAngel2000 said...

NO DOUBT what a ugly look she has on her face huh. lolol I had to laugh at this comment. Its true. I just talked to Brian this week-end about what legacy we leave behind and what our closes families will say or think. That is what matters in the end is God, our relationship with Him and our family. Nothing else does..I don't want to be remembered such as the lady in this photo..

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred!

Children are carefree, live in the present,and they have no worries.

You will recall that JESUS said that until and unless you become like one of these little children, you will not be able to see God.

The older people are worried, have problems and therefore they are not able to enjoy and derive happiness from simple activities.

Have a good day!

FCB said...

Glad you like this Mary, I have to say there have been too many times I have had that look of disapproval. But I think as I age I've loosened up quite a bit.

Joseph, you comments are so true about children living in the moment without cares and worries. It reminded me of a quote --
"I love children. They do not prattle of yesterday: their interests are all of today and the tomorrows --- I love children. -- Richard Mansfield
Somehow, just now, that memory of childhood seems so clear. Nice.