Sunday, May 10, 2009

Well, I've finally succeeded in bringing my entire body to fatigue; every muscle is screaming and in pain to the very marrow of my bones. My typing is hindered by two blisters between my fingers but I have survived a sunny weekend in Oregon! You see it is a rare event when a weekend in May provides sunshine, and any gardener knows one must make hay while the sun shines. So I took Friday off and worked non-stop from Friday morning until about an hour ago.
My blood has stopped pulsing with fatigue, the tremors have subsided in my fingers so I can type, and I have enough energy to sit upright; So, now to catch up on my blog. I included a picture of the side of my house which is bursting with new life and blooms are popping and others on the verge. I love to walk in my garden and anticipate blooms to come and enjoy the early birds. But it is work, more work than I remember in my younger days.


Mel said...

I feel your pain and pleasure, Fred! I was working in my yard, too. Not all day Friday, but after work, and all day Saturday. I still have dirt and thorns embedded in my hands and arms and under my fingernails, and can feel the soreness in my back and legs. But it was therapeutic in a way... The dirt and weeds and shrubs and flowers and trees don't argue or fight back. In fact, they seem to say thank you. :)

Your garden is beautiful! Way to go on keeping it looking so lovely! :)

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
You make me laugh with the dirt and thorns, I can so relate. I must have some kind of projectile in every finger on my hand :)
I'm sure after this sunny weekend there will be no advil to be found anywhere in Oregon or Washington!
Good gardening,

HAINAngel2000 said...

beautiful!!! I love flowers. They remind us that God is!

FCB said...

So true Mary, so true.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

I'm glad to see you are using your muscles for a change. Gardening is hard work if you are not used to it. But the delight you derive when your hard work results in beautiful flowers like the ones you have shown is enormous.

Have a nice day Fred:)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
You are so right, these old muscles can really cry out loud, but like you say, it is a gratifying hobby and this time of year may be the nicest, everything is so new and green. Although today it is raining heavily. But the forecaste for the weeekend is sun and more sun, so I can look forward to more advil this weekend.
God bless,