Saturday, May 16, 2009

"You know, I hate Christian people," said a poor English girl dying in Paris, "because all that they give is good advice. They do not know how to take a girl by the hand and save her. They build fine institutions for us when we are lost; but who will build one to prevent us being so? Do they know that many a girl sins to live?"
Words can never express the dying energy with which these words were spoken, or the bitterness with which they sank into the heart of the only one, save God, who heard them. To the lady who visited this dying girl, in connection with Miss Leigh's Homes and whose kindness gave this girl new thoughts about some Christians, the dying girl said: "Let me die on something of yours -- the pillow on which your own head rests." The request was readily granted, and there was good hope that the poor, tired soul was led to rest on the bosom of Him, whose messenger had brought her the first clear evidence of Christian love."

This little story really struck me. Some nameless Christian woman came to the aid of this dying, wayward girl, and made such an impact on her that the girl asked that she may die on something of her new Christian friend. Somehow that just penetrates me and makes me admire the kind of tenderness and lovingkindness that would impact a person to make such a sweet request.
"Let me die on something of yours"; that so gets to me. Will I ever impact someone to feel that way about me? I doubt it will ever be so, but I wish it were.
This is someone with a true gift of mercy and a heart filled with the holiness of God. To be able to endear someone like in a lifetime is one thing, but in a short time? that is so inspiring to me.

I chose this smiling face of a volunteer in Burma as an example of someone on their way learning of this grace.


Mel said...

Priceless, Fred. I printed it out to read to my Awana class, and may God use it to inspire them to become those kinds of Christians. Full of mercy, grace, salt and light. I'm sure you've had a far greater impact on the world around you than you give yourself credit for, Fred. Many people are too scared or too proud to admit when they've been affected by someone, but you'll find out fully in Heaven just how many lives you've affected for the better, and for eternity. Mine is definitely one of them. :)

Joy and peace to you and yours,


FCB said...

Hi Mel,
I have no doubt we all encourage each other, and you certainly do me; but I think this post captured me because it brought to mind images of a love far more sacrifical then mine. I think we each may know of someone that has this kind of love in them, although it is a rare and precious gem. I doubt anytime soon will I be asked for my pillow. But that's why I read and like to share these kind of stories, to move me a little closer to the imitation of Christ.
In Christ,
God bless you

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

This post touched my heart. It only goes to prove that we Christians have to do a lot for the poor and suffering people of this world. No doubt we are doing a lot but that is not good enough.

I hope and pray that this post will open the eyes of all readers who visit your post.

Best wishes:)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
I agree that we do a lot but we need to do a lot more. This post got to me as well, and it inspires me to be ready for opportunity.
God bless,