Saturday, May 30, 2009

"The world is full of theoretical, one-sided, impractical men, who have turned all the energies of their lives into one faculty until they have developed, not a full-orbed, symmetrical man, but a monstrosity, while all their other faculties have atrophied and died. We often call these one sided men geniuses, and the world excuses their impractical and almost idiotic conduct in most matters, because they can perform one kind of work, that no one else can do as well."

When I read this it reminded me of some Christians I have known who have but one subject, the Bible, which they quote over and over again, "verseoblenders" to quote Matt.

They would call themselves evangelists; now the world may excuse one sided geniuses, but most often the world just ignores the "evangelist" the way they would a persistent Amyway salesman. I doubt our company is enjoyed if we see nothing but through an evangelistic lens. If people are only souls to be saved from hell-fire not people to be listened to and learned from, cared about, enjoyed and appreciated I think we paint a one dimensional portrait of Christ. The photo I chose above shows a one dimensional family, it causes repulsion and has no likeness to reality. I think some people see Christians that way.................. not good.

Picture by Nina Levy


Trudy said...

Hi Fred,

This is so true and very sad indeed. I often think that people who stick to the 'hell and brimstone' approach to Christianity turn more people off from Christ than they turn onto Christ. They are certainly not behaving as Christ did and therefore misrepresenting our Savior! I know these people are well-meaning and I've often wondered if they didn't need to receive some of that same love themselves, the love of Christ! I think it would be interesting to engage one of these evangelists in a loving conversation to let them know that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus, it would be life changing I am sure!

God bless you richly on this the Lord's day!

Mel said...

Okay, that photo is just freaky.

"Versoblenders" is a great word! I'm going to borrow that word, if you think Matt wouldn't mind. :)

One thing about the Bible is that quoting it to people who don't see any value in it seems to be rather useless, unless God prompts the quotation specifically. That's why I've been looking for God's message in the words of people who are widely respected. Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, etc. People in this postmodern culture seem to be more receptive to and inspired by the words of the Kingdom when they come from people who have spent their lives working for the betterment of society, or for the forgotten of society. And who can blame them?

I love this post, Fred. Thanks for sharing it. Have a wonderful, fun-filled, Christ-centered day!

Your friend,

HAINAngel2000 said...

The picture is kinda grouse, weird and creepy.
Yes I agree with you there are many people like this sadly!

FCB said...

Hi Trudy,
I can see this post struck a chord with you and I agree with you, a little humanity and love of God will go a long way in revealing who God is. I was a little reluctant to post this but your comments eased my concerns.
God bless you back,

Hi Mary,
I think you are so right, many people have no idea what true riches there are in the Bible, the only knowledge they have of it is what they see on Saturday Night Live,.... not good.
But if we can live the scripture, and like you said, refer to people they respect, at least they may be open to further conversation.
If they were to taste one drop of Christ's love they would rush to Him.
I'm glad you like this quote, God bless,

Hi Mary,
Yes, that picture is weird isn't it. It made me think of a dominering parent who squelchs the individuality out of their children in an effort to make them "good" kids. As well as some who think we should conform in our Christianity to "their" standards.
Thought you would like it.
Love Fred

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

It must be said to the credit of evangelists that they are passionate people-- about God,Christ and Christ's teachings. But they are like horses with the blinds on. They can't see sideways.

I admire evangelists who work in remote areas among people who belong to other religions and try to convert them to Christianity. Sometimes they risk their lives.

But they should think human beings are people with flesh and blood and therefore feeding them with quotes from the Bible alone is not enough.

I enjoyed reading your post very much.

Have a nice day Fred:)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
"Horses with blinds on", great illustration, the point made very clearly. I think there is a gift of evangelism, and like you mentioned, there are many who go where I would fear to go to bring Christ to a dying world, and from me they get a hearty amen and my prayers and support; but to those who have no such gift, but rather reduce Christianity to a hollow sharing of learned Bible texts, and then leaving the person alone all the while thinking they have done all their Christian duty, I say, look at the way Jesus ministered, it was never one dimensional, never. People received the whole counsel, and display of God's love, mercies, healings, feeding, both physical and spiritual. Oh what an example of love in action; may I never reduce it but seek to enlarge it.
I also enjoyed your comments very much and your blog displays your sentiments.
God bless,