Monday, May 19, 2008

2 bathing twins Africa

"Two bathing twins are testing their seduction techniques so powerful and innate that all the African children share in their own. How many times they made me smile? How many times they amazed me with the shine of an immense genuine joy sparkling in their eyes…this happiness was produced by simple toys like a stone, a piece of wood or a leaf…no video games, electric machines, cellphones and dolls’ houses…Luckily in Africa happiness for kids, it’s still a simple thing!"
The thoughts above are those of the photographer, Luca Belis. I know nothing about her but it is easy for me to enter in to the joy she feels for African children. I like to hear how people describe the feelings children bring to us. Regardless of my mood, I always get a lift when I see bright smiling faces of children. Like a garden of charm. All for free --- thank you Lord.


HAINAngel2000 said...

This is so sweet. I agree children bring such a gift when they smile. What a treasure! Thank you for this post!

FCB said...

Your welcome Mary, they are such a gift. And you have a housefull!
Love Fred