Monday, May 26, 2008

"Jesus is an insoluble problem to men who will not see in Him the Eternal Light which 'in the beginning was with God.' You find in Him no trace of gradual acquisition of knowledge, or of arguing or feeling His way to His beliefs. You find in Him no trace of consciousness of a great horizon of darkness encompassing the region where He sees light. You find in Him no trace of a recognition of other sources from which He has drawn any portion of His light. You find in Him the distinct declaration that His relation to truth is not the relation of men who learn, and grow, and acquire, and know in part; for, says He, "I am the Truth."He stands apart from us all, and above us all, in that He owes His radiance to none, and can dispense it to every man."

Alexander Maclaren D.D.


Mel said...

Praise God! May God open the eyes and ignite the appetites of our hearts so that we will be able to appropriately rejoice in, delight in and be satisfied and comforted with this Truth!

FCB said...

Amen, may it be so.