Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Love is a great beautifier of the face; this kind of beauty perishes not. It wreaths the countenance of every doer of good. It adorns every honest face. It shines in the virtuous life. It molds the hands of charity. It sweetens the voice of sympathy. It sparkles on the brow of wisdom. It flashes in the eye of love. It breathes in the spirit of piety. It is the beauty of the heaven of heavens. It is that which may grow by the hand of culture in every human soul. It is the flower of the spirit which blossoms on the tree of life. Every soul may plant and nurture it in its own garden. This is the capacity for beauty that God has placed withing the reach of all. Though our forms may be uncomely and our features not the prettiest, our spirits may be beautiful. And this inward beauty always shines through. A beautiful heart will flash out in the eye. A lovely soul will glow in the face. A sweet spirit will tune the voice and wreathe the countenance in charms. There is a power in interior beauty that melts the hardest heart:

Therefore Mrs. Osgood gives the following pertinent advice --

"The blush will fade,

The light grow dim which the blue eyes wear,

The gloss will vanish from curl and braid,

And the sunbeam die in the waving hair.

Turn from the mirror and strive to win

Treasures of loveliness which will last;

Gather earth's glory and bloom within,

That the soul may be young, when youth is past."

Jerome Paine Bates, A.M. - Photo by gaby gobu

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