Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I love the simplicity of Mother Teresa's beliefs. She never preached a sermon and we have recorded what she said only by those that heard her and wrote it down for us. The following is a typical example.

"True love for our neighbor is to wish him well and do good to him. 'My little children', St. John says, 'Let us love not in word but in deed.'
Love does not live on words, nor can it be explained by words - especially that love which serves him, which comes from him and which finds him and touches him. We must reach the heart and to reach the heart as we must do - love is proved in deeds.
In one of the places in Melbourne I visited an old man and nobody knew that he existed. I saw his room in a terrible state, and I wanted to clean his house and he kept on saying: 'I'm all right!' But I repeated the same words: 'You will be more alright if you will allow me to clean your place,' and in the end he allowed me. There in that room there was a beautiful lamp covered with the dirt of many years, and I asked him, 'Will you light the lamp if the Sisters come to see you?'
And the other day he sent me word: 'Tell my friend the light she has lit in my life is still burning.'
Simple acts of love and care keep the light of Christ burning."

Mother Teresa - Photo by Mehmet Akin

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