Friday, May 16, 2008

" The shortest and and surest road to full maturity is purity of heart, for God is ready to grant all graces to those who put no obstacle in the way. If two people were to consecrate themselves at the same time to the service of God, one devoting himself entirely to good works and the other endeavoring to purify his heart and remove from it all obstacles to grace, the latter will reach perfection twice as soon as the former. Those who strive for full maturity by means of systematic methods instead of abandoning themselves entirely to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, never attain either to the sweetness or the maturity of virtue; they must continually struggle against difficulties which often overcome them, whilst among those who walk under the direction of the Holy Ghost in the way of simple recollection, do good with a fervour and a joy worthy of their guide; they fight with gladness of heart and win glorious victories." Father Lallmant -photo by Chris Harrison


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