Sunday, May 11, 2008


Photo by Delta Tears


HAINAngel2000 said...

Fred, you knew this photo would get to my soul and you were right! I am "pi__ed off at the burmese government. How can they do this to their own people. Not accepting help unless they are controling it. I think the US needs to go take out the governement. I would love to see them wiped out! I am military mad. I know this is probably agains't what Jesus would do right. My human side says blow their bottoms up! Grrrrr. These people are suffering and the eye gets turned by so many nations. Just makes me HOT! Even if we wanted to help the people are terrorized by their own government! Just makes me so upset to see pictures of these families and little children laying their like a dead animal on the side of the road. I couldn't even imagine. I wish I were rich just to help aid these families. Never to spend on me. Just tears at my soul. I am heartbroken.

FCB said...

I sympathize with all your sentiments. I had such a diffcult time thinking of what to say for this post and after finally just not having words to express my grief for the Karen and other Burmese, the frustration and outrage with the military regime, I just decided to find a picture that illustrated my thoughts.
Come Lord Jesus! Come soon.

Jeff said...

Thank you for the inspiration! Part of me has wanted to share the "Delta tears" images on my own blog, West Texas Missioner" ..... but another part of me says, 'No, don't, too graphic, will defeat your purpose."

Maybe I need to re-examine my decision, and my purpose.

Thanks, again,


Anonymous said...


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