Monday, September 29, 2008

Ha!!!!!!!! I am a lucky guy, my wife called me from work with the news that she was given two, not one, but two tickets to see Celine Dion on the 16th of this month! You heard me right, free tickets to the Tektronixs suite in the Rose Garden. If you couldn't tell, I really like her singing, one of the best female vocalists of all time in my opinion, other than my granddaughter Destiny.

But first I must be out of town on business for a another week. Won't have to go again until next spring, thank you Lord!

Should get a lot of reading in so hope to have something inspiring to share. I was answering a question from a friend, this is a little off the subject, about what we believe in and I remembered a quote that about sums it up for me. I think I'll include it here --

This is Jermey Taylor instructing young clergymen -- "What have your people to do whether Christ's body be in the sacrament by consubstantiation or transubstantiation; whether purgatory be in the center of the earth, or in the air, or any where, or nowhere; and who but a madman would trouble their heads with the entangled links of the fanatic chain of predestination? Teach them to fear God and honor the King, to keep the commandments of God, teach them to be sober and temperate, to be just and to pay their debts....teach them charity and teach them to be zealous of good works...."

There you have it, that's about 90% of what I believe. You may be able to divide the last 10% between a strict adherence to grace by the blood of Christ and repulsion to legalism.

See you in a week.

Photo by Francesco Scipion


ForHisSake said...

The photo made me smile!

I could almost visualize you dancing around when you got the call. I know that would be what I would be doing.

Uninhibited displays and expressions of sweet,innocent, pure, joy bring such delight to the soul. In that way, I hope I never grow up!

100% with Taylor on that quote. It is my fear, that if one were to actually say those very words in most modern Christian churches today, he would be tolerated; but, not embraced.

Okay a little of the joy just left. Darn it. I hate when that happens.

We will miss you and pray you have a safe trip.

HAINAngel2000 said...

Congrats! She is an amazing singer for sure!!!!! How exciting for you Fred. I can't wait to read posts on how the concert went!!!

Mel said...

Woo Hoo! What a treat and privilege! Have a safe productive trip and we'll look forward to hearing from you when you get back. :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred!

Very inspiring post!

Thanks for sharing!

Have a safe trip!

Mel said...

Okay, it's been a week... I'm looking forward to your next post with great anticipation! I hope your trip was fun, safe, productive and fulfilling. We've missed you. :)