Saturday, September 06, 2008

I leave Sunday morning for a Trade Show in Las Vegas, I'll be there till Friday. Keep me in your prayers; few return from Vegas better than when they left.


ForHisSake said...

Ah yes--"few return better than when they left." However, this trip my not be about YOU! Why not focus on how God may use this trip and you to make others better than they were before you arrived?

We are called to be salt and light to a dying and lost world. What a great opportunity to show and share the love of Christ.

I will be praying for you. See everyone through the eyes of Christ and keep an eternal (not temporal) prespective.

In Christ and For His Sake,
D.L. Kane

FCB said...

Hi D.L.,
Thanks for the encouragement; Vegas is like Vanity Fair in the Pilgrim's Progress. I doubt I will have much impact, but if I can get out with my soul intact I will consider it a victory.
Thanks again,

ForHisSake said...

Now, Christian and Faithful, as I said, must needs go through this fair. Well, so they did; but as they entered into the fair, all the people were moved and the town itself, as it were, in a hubbub about them, and that for several reasons; for their garments were very different from the kind sold at the fair; their speech was also strange since they spoke the language of Canaan.

But He who overrules all things, having the power of their rage in His own hand, so brought it about that Christian escaped them, and went his way. And as he went, he sang, saying:

“Well, Faithful, thou hast faithfully professed

Unto thy Lord, with whom thou shalt be blest,

When faithless ones, with all their vain delights,

Are crying out under their hellish plights.

Sing, Faithful, sing, and let thy name survive;

For though they killed thee, thou are yet alive.”

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred!

I have seen Las Vegas in the movies full of Casinos, glitz and glamour and gambling dens and therefore I wonder why a Trade fair is being held there. Surely it must be very interesting.

Have a good trip!

Mel said...

What an absolutely gorgeous picture! Keith and I went to Vegas in October of last year. We were with another couple and rented a convertible Mustang to drive around town in. The architecture in Vegas is breathtaking, as is the extravagance of every detail on the strip. You have eyes that see God's goodness and glory in everything. I know you will be blessed during your time there. :)

FCB said...

Well, I made it home, and though not as fully intact as I wish, I must say, first, D.L., I found your words of some inspiration in the midst of all the madness. I have no doubt they will not be missing my leave, nor will anyone find it changed; but, there were one or two people, with the help of your prayers, that may find themeselves better for my visit. I'll leave it at that because I count it a blessing to leave with my soul not needing recessatation.

Yes Joseph, it has so many gambling dens that it defies logic, although, they all had people in them. The most difficult part of Vegas is that it is highly sexually charged. Every billboard, and they are on every corner in huge 920 feet by 20 feet) neon or L.E.D. lights blazing dancers, showsgirls and guys. Prostitution is legal in areas and they advertise themselves as "Sin City". I think it is an understatement to say that many visitors wear clothing they would never dare to wear in their home towns. So unless you stay in your room under your bed, you will be baraged with sexuality of the most glamorous type. It is a very exciting town, and like Mel mentioned, the architecture is impossible to describe but suffice to say that the millions of dollars that gamblers lose, is used to build the most elaborate displays and buildings of any place in the world. Now, as for me, who loves "old wine, old wood and old friends", I am not drawn to that. I'm a country boy at heart and would far rather stay in a log cabin along a babbling brook. But I'm afraid there is not one stick of wood in all of Vegas; carved styrofoam, plastic and polyresin galore, but nothing old and rustic. Not to say that there aren't some fun and exciting things to do there, there certainly are, but just not my cup of tea. But it is the highest tourist destination in all the US, which is why they have Trade Shows there.
I did find time to do a little reading and I'm eager to share a post or two.
Many blessings to all.

Mel said...

Welcome back, Fred! I'm glad you made it back in one piece, and had some time to do some reading. I can't wait to read what you were inspired by. :)



Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred!

Welcome back!

Many, many thanks for taking the trouble to give me an elaborate description of Las Vegas.

Best wishes!