Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Jewish friend of mine named Carol, has a daughter who has a benign tumor in her brain, she is waiting to hear from the doctor, this Friday, the details of the surgery. To attach words to her distress is impossible, but any parent can fathom to some degree her anxiety. As it happens, Carol will turn 70 this month and she asked her friends and family if they would kindly not send her any gifts save this one, if each would send her a story of a good deed they have done.
In response her son sent an email about his wife, who happens to be a nurse, and as she left the hospital with her husband, they saw an older woman having difficulty trying to cross the street, she went to her and asked if she could be of assistance; the woman said she just had trouble, she would begin and then be unable to cross the street. As she observed the older woman she saw signs that led her to believe she may be having a seizure or a stroke. She told the woman she felt strongly that she needed to see a doctor immediately. The woman resisted, but with continual insistence, she got the woman to the hospital.
It turned out, the woman was having a mild heart attack and had she not been there for treatment it could have been life threatening.
The woman recovered and found this good Samaritan that brought her to the hospital, and could not thank her enough. The older woman was amazed at the coincidence that brought her this timely help and made this comment - "Maybe I have been paid back for all the wounded soldiers I attended to as a nurse during the war."


Mel said...

Hi Fred! :)

I see a recurring statue theme in your recent photos... Very cool! I'm enjoying reading all of your blog posts, as always. Many blessings to you!

In Christ,

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FCB said...

You are right, five statues on this page, hmmmm, cold, lifeless, inanimate objects, what does that mean? :)

Often the deepest pathos is not photographed, but somehow, in a lifeless stone our strongest emotions come to life, odd huh.
What an art!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred!

Good samaritans will always get help when they need it in someway, someform or the other by divine assistance.

Hence the need to do good deeds and do it cheerfully. God is watching!

Best wishes!