Thursday, September 04, 2008

In Thomas Brook’s chapter “A Cabinet of Jewels”, he describes in ten parts comfort to the struggling Christian. I’ll only post the last of the ten, but it is a subject that is often neglected in Evangelical pulpits I have sat under. We have a high standard to work towards, “Be perfect.” It almost seems to me that we fear people will lose heart if we learn that people struggle in many ways. In this piece Brooks deals with these issues openly.

"Tenthly and lastly, Though poor, doubting, staggering, trembling Christians dare not say that Christ is their Savior, yet they dare say that they desire and endeavor to honor Christ as their Lord, though they cannot see Christ bestowing himself on them as their Redeemer, yet they are willing to make a resignation of themselves up to him as their King; they are willing to resign up their hearts and lives to the government of Jesus Christ. Though they cannot find comfort, yet they will oppose sin; though they cannot comprehend Christ, yet they will not willingly offend Christ: though they cannot see their own propriety in Christ, yet they desire nothing more than that Christ may claim a propriety in them; though they cannot see Christ as a friend, yet they can look upon sin as an enemy; though they cannot close with the promises, yet they will close with the precepts; though they cannot close with the privileges of a Christian, yet they will close with the services of a Christian; though they cannot share in the comforts of a Christian, yet they will side with the duties of a Christian; though they cannot clear up their interest in Christ, yet they are willing to yield subjection to Christ; though they lack strength to throw themselves into the arms of Christ to save them; yet they will cast themselves at the feet of Christ to serve him; though they lack the light of comfort and consolation, yet they will walk in the light of commands and directions.”

These are the signs of grace in the soul and though we stagger in many ways, His seal is not broken.

An eminent minister, who was a famous instrument of converting many to God, was wont to say, that for his own part, he had no other evidence in himself of being in the state of grace, than that he was sensible of his deadness.”

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ForHisSake said...


I read your comment on my blog and have spent some time here on your blog. I must admit, that I am moved, curious, and somewhat confused. The graphics you have chosen are beautiful and thought provoking.

You have intrigued me (which is rare--I must admit) Note: I realize that sounds slightly, if not completely, arrogant). But, it is not--just honest. I read a great deal and to come across a deap thinker who also has an artisitic and creative eye is rare (from my experience).

One thing that intrigued me was your reference to Mother Theresa as one of your favorite authors? I have read her writings and find great sorrow there.

I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about you.

In Christ and For His Sake

FCB said...

Welcome forhissake, thanks for your kind comments. I suspect we are both somewhere near the same age based on your likes posted on your profile.
I'll start first with Mother Teresa; yes she worked in sorrow filled service but I found some thoughts on this a couple of years back and posted them, I'll hunt them up and I think it will explain it better than I can now. I'll re-post it because it is well worth pondering.

I'm not sure that I am such a deep thinker, but I have been a Christian a long time and appreciate the truly deep thinkers, like those you have on your blog.
I do love art and enjoy trying to find a picture that illustrates the thought in a quote.
I'm not sure how to address the confused part, that makes me smile, maybe you just pick up on that side of my personality - confused.
You may want to check out my son's blog, he is a Pastor in an urban church in Spokane, his posts are equally confusing, to understate it. :) The link is "Eric's blog".

I have been a Christian since 1969 amd some wise Christian put a Puritan book in my hand and I have been encouraged by reading ever since. In the last few years I have, through blogging, been able to have a forum to share some of the thoughts from the last 38 years that have inspired me , challenged me, made me think and question. It may be the confused part you refer to is the somewhat contradicting theologies. I have met devoted Christians in all denominations, with varying beliefs, and found value in all, so I don't have a particular torch to carry past the essentials of the faith. I also know that some folks don't like guys like me, but.... some folks do. I hope you are one and that you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoyed yours.
God bless,

FCB said...

Oh, I may be way off on the age thing, the old music brought me to that conclusion.

ForHisSake said...

Delightful Fred. Acutally, I'll be 48 on Saturday!

Just finished reading your post responding to your son's post and grinned a great deal. Looking forward to your re-post on Mother Theresa.

May God richly bless you and your family. I feel He has blessed me already by introducing me to you and your blog. What beauty and insight is contained in this little spot. I have already copied over many articles to share with others who do not use the internet--you know, old folks :-)

In Christ and For His Sake - I'll visit often.

D.L. Kane

ForHisSake said...


That was the Sunday, April 20, 2008
post. I know a great deal of men who will benefit from his comments and your response.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred!

Wonderful post to be read several times and to be pondered over very seriously.

This post immediately brought to my mind what JESUS told PETER at the LAST SUPPER. " Before the cock crows you will deny me three times." And PETER did deny JESUS.

Peter was chosen by Jesus, he lived with Jesus and Jesus chose Peter to be head of the Church. Yet Peter denied Jesus.

Ofcourse, Peter was ashamed of his totally unexpected behaviour. He did commendable work in establishing the Church and finally he was crucified upside down.

Have a good day!

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Great comments and appropriate scripture. I think one of the things that adds reliability to the scriptures is that the Lord does not hide the faults of His believers. One would hardly include them if they had a devious agenda. It certainly brings comfort during times of "withering".
God bless,