Saturday, September 13, 2008

"I confess to the Lord God it is with sufficient rashness, if it be not even shamelessness, that I venture to write concerning patience, for the practice of which I am altogether unfit, being a man in whom there is no good thing....

For that which is the most good, is the most in, the hands of God, and no other than He who possesseth "dispenseth it to each" as he seeth fit. Wherefore, it will be a sort of comfort to reason about that which it is not permitted us to enjoy, like sickly persons, who, when they lack health know not how to be silent about its blessings. In like manner I, wretched man that I am, ever sick with the fever of impatience, must needs sign for, and call upon, and speak all my thoughts upon, that healthy state of patience which I possess not....." Tertullian.

I think it is important that all Christians, and especially those young in the faith, realize that whether the subject be patience, or any other behavior, those that speak on it are like Tertullian describes-- like sickly persons that know not how to be silent about the blessings of health.

I feel compelled from time to time to state this about myself; a disclaimer of sorts, because I lack, or have such a small store of most of the virtues I post on, that at times, I too, feel rash and shameful. But all Christians can speak of the glories of Holiness though far from where they want to be, need to be, ought to be. We have seasons of great victory and then seasons of failure. That being so, I write on regardless of the season I'm in, because I'm complelled to speak all my thoughts upon that healthy state, which I possess not.

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred!

Great post!

I admit that I have been guilty of impatience most of my life until recently that I won't let any one complete a sentence. I used to be so impatient that I will interupt and complete the sentence for that person or put words in his mouth.

Now that I have grown older I am patient enough to listen and let the other person talk. A a result I am able to understand and appeciate the view point of the speaker. I have mellowed with age so to speak.

I wish I had this great quality when I was young. Just think of the opportunities I would have missed, the misunderstandings I would have created, the problems I would have caused, the injuries I would have inflicted and the annoyance I would have generated because of my impatience.

Thanks for the wonderful post!


Regards and best wishes!

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Your confession convicts me on so many levels. Suffice to say, to remove just the annoyance my impatience has caused, would have left this world with far more peace. So, we press on.
God bless,