Sunday, December 07, 2008

After our service at the nursing home today, my wife, granddaughter and I sat down and talked with two fellows. One man named Lewis, 73, who we know, and a newcomer, Rod, 61. Both wheelchair bound. Conversation is very easy because no one ever gets enough visitors and they have stories stored up from months of loneliness. As we sat and listened to Rod pour out his stories without once taking a breath, in what I think was ten minutes, I found an opportunity to sneak a question to Lewis at a blink. Off he went like a dog who just stole another’s bone; he never looked back and were it not for his need to take a breath, there would have been no opportunity for Rod to steal back the bone and run with it. But steal it he did and much to Lewis’s chagrin, he told us about his entire family tree with but two breaths. It was humorous to watch the battle for the floor play out. But sad as well. James tells us that an important part of religion is to listen to orphans and widows, or widowers. It took no skill or education to minister a listening ear, and I enjoyed the stories of 62 pound Salmon, and Grandma’s great age of 103 years. Some, or all, of the stories may have been enhanced for listener’s pleasure I’m sure, but as I settled back in my chair and watched the joy they both shared strolling down memory lane, I couldn’t think of a place I would have rather been.


Mel said...

I would have loved to have been there and to have listened to the stories with you and your wife and granddaughter. What a blessing! I love listening to stories.

Well, we didn't get to watch Amazing Grace today, but we did watch the movie "Joan of Arc." Wow. What a powerhouse of a movie, a story for the ages and a true lived-out example of love, faith, loyalty, strength, courage and sacrifice--all by a woman who died at the age of 19, executed by a "church" that made her a saint 500 years later.

Oh, the tangled webs we weave...

Bless you, Fred!

Love in Christ,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

It was very nice of you to spend some time with the old people and listen to their stories.

Very often old people are ignored by others. It is OK if the old people are busy doing some productive work which will keep them busy. Otherwise, being ignored and not talked to can be a real painful existence.

So, I must congratulate you, your wife and grand daughter for being good samaritans and spend some time with these old men.

Best wishes :)

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
I have passed over "Joan of Arc", not sure why, but now, with your recommedation, I will rent it.
Thanks for the tip,

Hi Joseph,
I will have to hand it to most nursing homes here, they do a pretty good job offereing activities-- relgious services, Bible studies, bingo,music and a host of other activities. But there is nothing that can replace a "cheek to jowl" conversation.
God bless,