Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Few or none are rich in all graces

“It is a hard thing, if possible, to find a soul that is generally rich; that is rich in every grace, that is rich in faith, and rich in wisdom, and rich in love, and rich in patience etc. Abraham was rich in faith, and Job was rich in patience, and Moses was rich in meekness, and David was rich in zeal; but none of these were rich in every grace. And so in these days you may find one Christian rich in one grace, and another Christian that is rich in another grace; but where will you find a Christian that is rich in every grace? Such that are rich in some graces, are yet very defective and lame in other graces. The saints once at Rome were richer in wisdom and knowledge than the saints at Thessalonica, and the saints at Thessalonica were richer in faith, love, patience and charity than the saints at Rome…..” Thomas Brooks

I used this photo by Harry Eggens to illustrate that even the noble eagle misses the mark sometimes.


Mel said...

Beautiful and true! And that is why we need each other, right? :)

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
I think you are right. We seem to be designed to be social and that poses our greatest challenges, seems to me.
God bless,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Very interesting and informative post with a lovely photo.

Many thanks for sharing.

Regards and best wishes :)