Monday, December 15, 2008

Opportunities whrere you are

During these hard times I hope that these practical illustrations will encourage some.
“The great natural philosopher, Faraday, who was the son of a blacksmith, wrote, when a young man, to Humphry Davy, asking for employment at the Royal Institution. Davy consulted a friend on the matter. “Here is a letter from a young man named Faraday; he has been attending my lectures, and wants me to give him employment at the Royal Institution – what can I do”, “Do? Put him to washing bottles; if he is good for anything he will do it directly; if he refuses he is good for nothing.” But the boy who could experiment in the attic of an apothecary shop with an old pan and glass vials during every moment he could snatch from his work saw an opportunity in washing bottles, which led to a professorship at the Royal Academy at Woolwich. Tyndall said of this boy with no chance, “He is the greatest experimental philosopher the world has ever seen.” He became the wonder of his age in science.

There is a legend of an artist who long sought for a piece of sandalwood, out of which to carve a Madonna. He was about to give up in despair, leaving the vision of his life unrealized, when in a dream he was bidden to carve his Madonna from a block of oak wood which was destined for the fire. He obeyed, and produced a masterpiece from a log of common firewood. Many of us lose great opportunities in life by waiting to find sandalwood for our carvings, when they really lie hidden in the common logs that we burn.”
Orison Swett Marden - Photo by JF Ochoa


HAINAngel2000 said...

Fred I like this post. Its awesome how God is always working on us, God loves us so much, he knows we make mistakes and he knows we were created to learn and be a creator because we were created after His image.
Thank you for this post!!!

FCB said...

Hi Mary,
Glad to see your shining face!
I'm sure I give the Lord a lengthy list of things to learn :)
Your comments remind me of an essay I read once which concluded by saying that the strongest desire in people is the desire to create. I thought about that and from the moment we get up we are, on some level, creating; we fix ourselves up in the mirror, we fix something good to eat, set the temperature where we want it, create an atmosphere in the home with music or silence, that is just right. Much of our day is spent creating one thing or another. In your ministry you are always on the hunt for some different way to express love in something, yes, that you've created.
Cool huh?
Love Fred

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Very interesting and inspiring post.

Reading such stories of enterprise, creativity and success after a sutruggle keep us motivated to do our best.

Many thanks for sharing.

Have a good day :)

HAINAngel2000 said...

Fred its true. What is amazing is even in heaven we still have that in us. Just we don't have sin to stop us :) Miss you lots.

Anonymous said...

Fred this is very true and it has life to it love this

Anonymous said...

Fred this is very true and it has life to it love this