Friday, February 20, 2015

  I like the following quote regarding our influence on others. He suggests, as I understand the quote, that without words we will reprove others if we walk in holiness and love. Not that we walk in a way contrary, or in a way that openly rebukes or refuses to associate or separates from, but rather, we walk the same way but higher, noting the good, with noble aims, charitable in our discourse, loving in our conversation.

 "We reprove each other unconsciously by our own behavior. Our very carriage and demeanor in the streets should be a reprimand that will go to the conscience of every beholder. An infusion of love from a great soul gives a color to our faults which will discover them as lunar caustic (silver nitrate), detects impurities in water. The best will not seem to go contrary to others; but as if they could afford to travel the same way, they go parallel but higher course.
Jonson says, --
"That to the vulgar canst thyself apply,

Treading a better path, not contrary.'
Thoreau, picture by Max Ginsburg. 

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