Wednesday, February 18, 2015

  "The terrors of the Lord are great, but they do not exercise supreme sway in a human heart, and lead all its affections whithersoever they will.
His anger is not a ruling, leading, drawing power. It is mighty, but not to save.
It is a force that casts the wicked into hell; but not a force that can win any son of man near in willing obedience. It is not a force in that direction.
The stream of the Mississippi is a great power; it floats loaded ships or fallen timber downward with great velocity to the sea; but it cannot impel one tiny boat upward to the fertile regions near its source. This is done by another and an opposite power: a breath from heaven in the sail will carry the vessel up against the stream.

So with the manifested terror of the Lord against all unrighteousness of men; its power is great, but this power does not lead anyone, in any way, in the path of righteousness." Arnott.

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