Thursday, February 12, 2015

 The following thought by Thoreau addresses aspiration, faith, courage, and willingness to go after our dreams. He suggests, that in order to face the world and make our goals real, we must visualize a goal, work with devotion towards it. It is not a coward’s work, nor a coward’s reward; and eventually God will reward.
 I find in myself a reluctance or hesitation to attempt nearly everything outside my comfort zone. Whether it be a spiritual aspiration, a business endeavor, an improved relationship or whatever step of faith I sense is important, there is a holding back, a fear, or loss of confidence; either in myself or the help I need from God.
If we do not push forward we will not only tempt despair but will most likely lose ground. That's my take on it.

 "The fact is, you have got to take the world on your shoulders like Atlas, and put along with it. You will do this for an ideas sake, and your success will be in proportion to your devotion to ideas. It may make your back ache occasionally, but you will have the satisfaction of hanging it or twirling it to suit yourself. Cowards suffer, heroes enjoy. After a long day's walk with it, pitch it into a hollow place, sit down and eat your luncheon. Unexpectedly, by some immortal thoughts, you will be compensated. The bank whereon you sit will be a fragrant and flowery one, and your world in the hollow a sleek and light gazelle." Thoreau, painting titled Dream For Rosa by Michael Parks. 

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