Thursday, February 19, 2015

  "Life must sing as June progresses from deeper green to deeper green, from timid colors to bolder ones, from delicacy to robustness.
  The moment hesitates between the chill northeast wind and the hot one from the west. Uncertainty is part of its charm. It wrecks hopes by a dash of cold rain and brings them back by a smile of sunshine. Warm rains fall and the forces of the earth take new strength and fill earth and air with beauty.
  The log fire still has its use, the outdoors their occasional opportunity. Beauty must not be obvious and need not be consistent. It may fail to conform to regularity and yet not suffer a charge of fickleness.

  Expectancy is part of the rational prospects and it is satisfied by surprises, by delays and gratifications. Consistency might mean monotony." Clifford Raymond.

 When I first read this I was lost but intrigued; now that I've read it a number of times I understand   the likenesses of the month of June, with all its changes and inconsistencies, to our lives. 

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