Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Each bud flowers but once, and each flower has but its minute of perfect beauty; so, in the garden of the soul each feeling has, as it were, its flowering instant, its one and only moment of expansive grace, and radiant kingship. Each star passes but once in the night through the meridian over our heads and shines there but an instant; so, in the heavens of the mind each thought touches its zenith but once, and in that moment all its brilliancy and all its greatness culminate. Artist, poet, or thinker, if you want to fix and immortalize your ideas or your feelings, seize them at this precise and fleeting moment, for it is their highest point. Before it, you have but vague outlines of dim presentiments of them. After it you will have only weakened reminiscence or powerless regret; that moment is the moment of your ideal." Amiel's Journal.
This little piece is a well know fact to any writer, artist, and I think Christian.
There is a moment when a thought is at its clearest and must be seized at that moment or it may never return. Write it down and don't delay, it matters and in just the time it takes to answer a brief question or in hunting for pen and paper it can be gone, forever. I chose this photo to illustrate the thought 5 minutes after you had it.
Photo by Sebina D.


Mel said...

This is so true, Fred. This is exactly how I felt when God spoke to me at Wal-Mart... That I HAD to record it, right that very moment, because I knew it would be lost forever if I didn't. There have been other things like that, too, when ideas have entered my mind, or have been spoken aloud, and I thought I should write it down, but I was too lazy, or too tired, or procrastinating, and it never happened, to my shame and regret.

Thank you for posting this. It's a great reminder!


FCB said...

Hi Mel, I can't tell you how often this happens to me, I may get an idea for a post or poem, it is in perfect clarity in every detail; Sue comes up and asks me a question and in the blink of an eye the epiphany has taken wings.
Oh well, life goes on.
Blessings back to you,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Very interesting post!

How many opportunities we must have missed by procrastination, laziness, and carelessness. The devil is always there to tempt us and ensure that we fail.

As human beings we have our frailties. Only a few are endowed with the wisdom to act at the right time. So we can comfort ourselves saying that we are one of the millions of ordinary people doing the best we can to get by and find favor with God so that HE will bless us abundantly when the time comes.

Best wishes :)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
So true, and I'm glad I don't have a written record of missed opportunities, it would be unbearable! But tomorrow? Maybe better.
God bless,

fcb4 said...

This rings true in preaching as well...there is often moments in proclaiming that are summed up best by the word "revelation". They are Spirit infused illuminations that awaken words with life that they hadn't before. It's quite artistic, flashes of creativity, insight, connections.

FCB said...

Hi Eric,
Yes, I have no doubt, and I think the word revelation is a good one.
Sometimes these revelations come at the midnight hour when we are awakened and our minds are free of all the business and a thought will come with such clarity.
I have learned to get up and write it down, 'cause when morning comes it will be but a vague dream.
Love Dad