Thursday, January 29, 2009

“There are saints, and there are excellent saints. Now those are the excellent ones, that are most rich in heavenly treasures; and these you should make your bosom friends, your choicest companions: Prov. 13:20, ‘He that walketh with wise men shall be wise"; that is, he shall be more wise, more humble, more holy, and more abounding in all spiritual riches. Now, not he that talks with the wise, nor he that commends the wise, nor he that takes a step or two or three with the wise, that shall be wise, but he that gives up himself to the society and company of the wise, that shall be more and more wise, gracious and holy. He that cometh where sweet spices or ointments are stirring, doth carry away some of the sweet savor, though himself think not of it. The Spouse, in the Song of Solomon, has lips that drop as the honeycomb; “The tongue of the just is as choice as silver,” he scatters pearls, he throws abroad treasures where he comes: “The lips of the wise disperse knowledge”; A metaphor for scattering like the seedsmen scattering abroad of their seed in the furrows and field. They scatter their light, their love, their experiences, among those with whom they converse, as the seedsman scatter their seed in the field.
Christ says his spouse’s lips are like a thread of scarlet, with talking of nothing but a crucified Christ; and thin like a thread, not swelled with other vain and wicked discourses.”
Thomas Brooks, references to Song of Solomon 4.
I like this paragraph, so practical, and the illustration he draws from the Spouse's lips of scarlet lifts me. I hesitated to use this painting by Lord Frederick Leighton, because I wanted something.......different. But the more I looked and thought about this painting I decided it represents 'furrows' that need seed first and foremost; the patient, loving look of the instructor, maybe mother, may be tutor, demonstrates to me how all circumstances in life have opportunity to kiss with lips of scarlet.


Mel said...

I wonder if frequenting the blogs of wise brothers and sisters counts...? :-)

There have been so many people in my life that I've longed to have friendships with. Close friendships, where both people have the safe type of affection towards one another, and are mutually benefited by the other's company. Alas, it doesn't seem to happen much, no matter how much I search or try. But God has a plan, and I trust Him completely, and am so grateful that He has enabled us to be able to talk to each other in spite of the distance that separates us. I seem to recall that you and I had a blogging discussion about this quite some time ago.

Many blessings to you! :)

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
I think it does, and I think books count as well. But it may be that personal relationships are a truer test of character. I can write great sweling words and not really live up to them. When we walk and talk cheek to jowel, rub shoulders and see people as they truly are we find that often they are more shallow than what we first thought, or in some cases far deeper than we imagined. But the truly wise, the truly loving, seek out those that want to be mentored or befriended, don't you think? But they are scarce it seems in this culture. I think they are found, most often, involved in some ministry of service to others. Most of my deep relationships were based on ministry; they were busy about the Father's business and greedy to have others jump in. That presents a difficulty to those in the child rearing years when time demands are at their greatest. Be that as it may, the need and hunger to have friendships is still there and it can be quite frustrating.
This is a universal problem for those who but a few years earlier were footloose and fancy free; then in a short spell find themselves with mortgage, babies, spouse and all that goes with it. A difficult adjustment for the best of us. May God richly bless you as you balance these very issues,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Very inspiring post with a beautiful photo!

Many thanks for sharing.

Have a good day :)