Thursday, January 29, 2009

"The greatest object in the universe,
says a certain philosopher,
is a good man struggling with adversity;
Yet there is still a greater,which is the good man that comes to relieve it.”
Oliver Goldsmith

Do you remember when someone came to your aid? Someone without an agenda, not counting the cost, but seeing your need and coming to relieve it. Is there any deed greater? I doubt not. It brings with it a power and if you are like me, it has been a rare occasion, but one that is never forgotten.

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Mel said...

Yes! The last Christmas my mom, Linnea and I spent together before we moved to Spokane, we didn't have money for anything. No tree. No lights. Few presents (from the dollar store). Then our pastor and his wife, who were themselves quite poor, showed up at the door with a fresh Christmas tree, a turkey, and several little gifts for Linnea. They didn't have the money to give anything to us, but they did, and it was truly one of the most memorable Christmas's of my life. May God open my eyes to see the opportunities He's placed all around me to help others, without ever wanting, needing or expecting anything in return.

FCB said...

Hi Mel, wow, I'm sure that will be a memory you will cherish forever.
When someone sacrifices for us it reaches us like nothing else. It makes me want to be that for others far more than I do. I can only imagine when we have these deeds shown before us how we will wish we had done far more.
God bless,

fcb4 said...

I find this so true, most ultimately, of Christ.
I can not think of where I would be without the realities this quote hints at. Everything we do after the fact is a faint shadow of the sun we reflect for sure.

FCB said...

Hi Eric,
Yes, all Christians are indebted to Christ for his "Rescue Mission",
without which I would have no hope, little joy, and no future.
Love Dad

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Very interesting post!

It is very rare to find people who come to relieve adversity. On the other hand there are always many who increase the misery and suffering of people who are struggling for their basic necessities and survival.

Best wishes :)