Thursday, January 08, 2009

I wrote the following poem 11 years ago about that feeling most of us have at some time that we aren't as much a part of the whole as we would like to be. Now this feeling is far less in some than others but I think everyone can relate to some degree based on my conversations over a lifetime. I decided to post it, not because my claim to fame is writing poetry, but I read a post on Candice's blog that reminded me of it.

The Black Sheep

Haunting deep within
lurks accusing me I've been,
seen or done things less,
much less than the throng
where I don't fit, or belong
here the way the majority
are accepted in life's fraternity.

An outsider, with the obvious lack
of social grace, or some black
sheep sense of deficiency
keeping others at distance from me.
I'm fifty years old and then some
and can't evade or outrun
the lifelong shadow that clings.

I've learned to display a sanguine face,
covering the fear without a trace
of insecurity, giving me away.

Survival provides the missing part
pride takes over and rules the heart,
but the sister that shares prides home,
drives others away
and you end up alone.

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

I never thought you are so good in writing poetry. Excellent!

All of us have inadequacies, shortcomings and committed several blunders. Life is a series of lessons which we keep on learning as we grow older and older. Some learn from past mistakes, while others don't.

But it doesn't serve any purpose thinking of the past because it is history. We have to move on and try to get on with life in the best possible manner trusting in HIM to guide us along the way.

We came with nothing and we will go with nothing except the promise of eternals life of happiness and bliss.

Lovely photo!

Many thanks for sharing this remarkable poetry.

In the meanwhile, I am curious to know how recession is affecting life there. I understand from TV news unemployment has become quite high in US.

Best wishes :)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
I appreciate your comments and I think they are right on the mark, you always add so much to my posts.

The economy, it is somewhat hard to assess because the press sensationalizes everything; for example today's headlines read -
"U.S. economy hemorrhaging jobs"
Now the facts are that in 1982 during that recession our unemployment rate in December was
10.8% This year our December unemployment rate was 7.2% not good but not even close to the 25% unemployment rate of the great depression in the thirtys.
That being said, the company I work for Imports, wholesales, retails and has a small manufacturing arm, and plans to shut down all operations except the Import business. Now, may God be praise, out of over a hundred employess there will remain only four, of which I am one. So my company has been devastated by the slowdown. Obviously we don't represent the norm but suffice to say these are difficult times.
God bless,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

From the statistics you have provided it appears that there is nothing seriously wrong with the economy as such but some companies are going through very tough times and many people are losing their jobs.

I am glad you are lucky.


Best wishes :)