Thursday, January 01, 2009

I ran across this little optimism evaluation and thought it was interesting and it did make me think. Maybe you will enjoy it.
After you have promised to be honest with yourself, jot down you numbers on a sheet of paper and add them up when done for an evaluation.

Answer the questions with a number from 1 to 5 that best describes you.
1 = Never
2 = Rarely
3 = Sometimes
4 = Often
5 = Always

Do you welcome change and feel comfortable with it?

Do you spend time in prayer and meditation?

Do you stop to admire flowers?

How often do you stop to have a conversation with a child?

Do you try to communicate with animals?

How often do you stop to wonder at the sky?

Do you adopt the philosophy of taking things lightly?

Do you feel grateful for life?

Do you ever have peak experiences of ecstasy?

How often do you find the humor in situations?

When you feel confused or worried about something, are you able
To trust in a higher power to help you through your difficulty?

When reading a mystery, does your enjoyment come from the mystery itself?

How often do you feel passionate about something?

How often are you able to keep your center when things around you seem to be falling apart?

Do you find more virtue in happiness than suffering?

How often do you wish on a star, a moonbeam, or a rainbow?

How often do you see beyond popular explanations held by your social group?

How often do you call in sick to work just because you need a day of fun?

Do you find enjoyment in little things?

Do you respect your intuition?

How often are you willing to accept pain in your life as a teacher rather than a tormentor?

Do you keep an open mind, even when you don’t understand something?

Do you take the time to remember others in little ways?

How often do you ask for – and expect – a miracle?

How often do you believe that you have the right to live a peaceful and happy life, even in the midst of disaster and sorrow?

How often do you believe that you have the power and the responsibility to bring joy and meaning to the lives of others?

Are you aware of and attuned to the cycles of nature?

When its gray and gloomy out, do you still take time to appreciate the more subtle beauty of the sky, the moods of the clouds, the coolness of the air?

Do you put a high premium on pleasure?

How often do you experience good old-fashioned synchronicity? (Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related.)

Do you leave perfectionism to God?

Regardless of your age, do you feel young?

Do you ever think about the reason you are here?

Add up the numbers and here is an “optimistic” evaluation scale –
182-155 You are exceedingly optimistic.
154-125 very good,
124-85 It seems as though you’re having a little trouble deciding if life is infinitely beautiful or just a place to hang out; you have what it takes but you need a good dose of trust and faith.
84-55 Let this be your encouragement to start looking for and believing in greater possibilities.
54 and under – You may be too cynical and need to allow some passion, enthusiasm, love, generosity, humor, trust, peace and joy into your life.

Photo by Jose A. Gallego


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred :)

A wonderful post! The questions are sharp and precise and made me search myself inside out. It made me think, reflect, try to understand myself, study my weakness and strengths and the various areas where I have to improve myself to become a better human being.

Congratulations to you for this great post keeping in mind that it is the begining of the new year.

Have a wonderful day :)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
I was skimming through this book at the Good-Will, a used outlet operated to help employ those with physical handicaps or substance abuse, and the one I go to has a large book section. I was there with two grandchildren and asked them a number of the questions. It was interesting for all of us and, like you, we found that it did make us search ourselves. Glad you like it,