Thursday, January 22, 2009

Morning Prayer

A gardener knows his garden must be well watered early in the morning to stand the hot noon day sun. The poem below weaves an analogy with the garden and morning prayer that prepares us for the days difficulties. Hope you like it.
A garden so well watered before morn
Is hotly up that not the swart sun’s blaze
Down beating with unmitigated rays,
Nor arid winds from scorching places borne,
Shall quite prevail to make it bare and shorn
Of its green beauty – shall not quite prevail
That all its morning freshness shall exhale,
Till evening and the evening dews return;
A blessing such as this our hearts might reap,
The freshness of the garden they might share,
Through the long day a heavenly freshness keep,
If, knowing how the day and the day’s glare
Must beat upon them, we would largely steep
And water them betimes with dews of prayer.
R.C. Trench - Photo from the Internet


Femin Susan said...

very well and thoughtfully written.very great about your creativity.
keep posting..........

HAINAngel2000 said...

Fred, What I have always loved about the Lord is how He uses the things we as man understand to explain to us what His heart is. He knows we understand what gardening, tilling, working is so He uses it to teach us things, talk or explain things in ways He knew we would understand!
God is good!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

You have expressed a simple truth in complex words.

When we pray in the morning we feel a powerful energy flowing through our body and mind, fortifying us for the day, guiding us to do the right things, helping us to take the right path and gives us an immense cofindence that we are being protected by none other than our Almighty God, the Creator of heavem and earth.

Praying in the night is a necessity because God has done so much for us and we have to show our gratitude.

Many thanks for sharing this interesting post along with a lovely photo.

Have a wonderful day :)

FCB said...

Hi Susan, Mary and Joseph,
This poem was, and still is, a difficult one for me, it takes my full concentration to understand, but I like to have my neck stretched. I'm glad you liked it.
Like Susan said, it is thoughtfully written.

Like you Mary, I love the way Jesus taught in stories of every day illustrations. It is no small thing when I consider trying to teach my children and grandchildren with the same pattern. I can reduce learning opportunities down to drill sergant commmands; little value in that.

"Simple truth in complex words", so true in this poem, for me anyway, I first read right over it having no clue what the point was, but after re-reading it I loved the illustration.

God bless you all,

Anonymous said...

Very true must be prayed up