Saturday, January 10, 2009

I chose this picture by Martin Bushue which pictures all of our hopes for children; a carefree childhood with joy, laughter and safety. But it is not to be for all. The disturbing report from The Free Burma Rangers reminds us that our world is in desperate need of Christians to bring the love of the gospel and fight injustice and oppression. May 2009 be a year of greater action and support in Christendom.

2nd January, 2009
Urgent Statement by the Karen Women's Organization

KWO demands accountability for SPDC rape and killing of 7-year-old girl
The Karen Women's Organization is demanding the immediate arrest and prosecution of an SPDC soldier who raped and killed a young girl in Burma's northern Karen State last week, as well as punishment of his commanding officer for failing to take action over the crime.
The body of the 7-year-old girl was found near her house with gunshot wounds in her chest and signs of rape in the village of Ma Oo Bin, Kyauk Kyi Township, Nyaunglebin District, in the evening of December 27, 2008. Villagers had seen a soldier from SPDC Light Infantry enter the village shortly beforehand, and then heard sounds of a girl crying out and rifle shots.
The girl's parents and village leaders went to report the case the next day to Captain Thet Khaing, the local commander of SPDC LI 350, stationed near the village, but no action has been taken yet.
The KWO is appalled at this horrific crime, and that the SPDC authorities have failed to take any action over the case. If such impunity continues, the SPDC military will continue to commit such crimes, threatening the lives of women and girls throughout the country.
The KWO demands the immediate arrest of the rapist and prosecution in accordance with the severity of his crime. His commanding officer, Captain Thet Khaing, must also be held accountable for this crime and be punished for failing to ensure prosecution of the offender.
The KWO urges the international community to pressure the SPDC authorities to take action over this case, and to ensure that the victim's family and other community members face no retaliation for their attempts to seek justice.
"Men ought always to pray".


HAINAngel2000 said...

What sick perverted man who will see the judgment of God. The human side of me would like to go and take out his life. The thought of someone raping children is disturbing, my own personal experience of sexual abuse brings my blood to boil when thinking about such pigs.
The Christ side of my heart says to pray for him and ask God to show him the truth. Battle of the heart sometimes.
This is just another reminder of how we as a nation need to pray and act on helping the nation of Burma. Thank you for this post.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred :)

Very disturbing post:)

I don't think any justice will be done in Burma. It is ruled by military dictatorship and civilians are at their mercy.

San Kyi, the democracy leader and Nobel Prize winner is kept under home custody. The international community mounted a lot of pressure in getting her released but so far they have not succeeded.

Several human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science have reported on human rights abuses by the military government. They have claimed that there is no independent judiciary in Burma. The military government restricts Internet access through software-based censorship that limits the material citizens can access on-line. Forced labour, human trafficking, and child labour are common. The military is also notorious for rampant use of sexual violence as an instrument of control, including systematic rapes and taking of sex slaves as porters for the military.

Unless the world community unites to blockade Burma and impose economic sanctions nothing is going to happen to melt the stone heart of the merciless military junta.

Best wishes :)

FCB said...

Hi Mary,
Yes, this kind of report raises up such anger and repulsion, but like you say, there is a day when he will be in the highest court, and no manner of bribe or excuse will save him then.
Love Fred

Hi Joseph,
Yes, it is a bleak outlook for Burma and needs continual prayer. I see you have a clear understanding of the political issues there. Far more than many Americans have. Many brave and heroic people are working for freedom, and many prayer go up; so we continue and hope in God.
Thanks for your insights Joseph,