Saturday, April 04, 2009

In the following four posts are quotes from "The Royal Path of Life", a book written in 1876. In many ways life was harder then than now, but we have a set of challenges that physically easier, may very well be mentally more difficult. Either way, the advice in the following four posts, if, maybe, somewhat idealistic, are timeless principles.


"Many pass through life without even a consciousness of where they are and what they are doing. They gaze on whatever lies directly before them, “in fond amusement lost.”
Human life is a watchtower. It is the clear purpose of God that every one, the young especially, should take their stand on this tower. Look, listen, learn, wherever you go, whenever you tarry. Something is always transpiring to reward your attention. Let your eyes and ears be always open and you will often observe in the slightest incidents materials of advantage and means of personal improvement."
Photo by Marina Cano


Femin Susan said...

Those are absolutely fascinating. Wonderful post! Blessings to you and your family……

Matt said...

Good picture and quote. Wouldn't it be cool to be that cat for one day? To really chase or get chased, to really have to be on watch... not amused, but whatever that is going through that cats mind or gut.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

I was shocked to read Mel's decision. I hope she will reconsider it. I think she is upset over something. I hope and pray she will start posting soon.

This post of your is very interesting and very useful to us. We should always keep our eyes and ears open to grab the opportunities either for personal advancement or to learn something new or to take the opportunity to help some one in need.

Although this was written in 1876, this age old wisdom is good even today.

I liked the tiger standing there in all readiness to pounce upon an opportunity.

Have a nice day, Fred :)

Mel said...

Great post, Fred! May we all have eyes to see and ears to hear what God would speak to us through whatever He chooses to speak to us through. And may our minds be open enough to realize that He can speak through anything and everything.

FCB said...

Thanks for your comments and many blessings to you and your family.

Whatever it is going through that cat's mind, it is intense, glad you liked the quote and the pic, I'm not sure which one captured me most.
Love Dad

Hi Joseph,
I was also shocked to hear Mel's decision, and it may be temporary, I hope!

I'm glad you liked the post, and you're right, that cat has something in its sights!
God bless,

Hi Mel,
forgive those guys above for talking about you, but we are disappointed.
And amen to your comment that God can speak through anything and everything.
God bless,