Thursday, April 23, 2009

The poem below this post reminded me of a poem I wrote about ten years ago or so, it is the same theme and though it was an early poem of mine and I think there are a few good lines in it.

Led By A Child

The purity of children, God's most precious gift,
When I behold it's beauty, I'm aware of the drift
I've taken from virtue, in its grandest form,
It's God's reminder of what'll be the norm
in the Kingdome Eternal, where the saints will be filed
before the throne, and lead by a child.

It's been said that infancy is a Messiah that pleads
fallen man to aspire, more than all written creeds,
and God with his Spirit, each son would adorn
with the innocence of children, holiness reborn.

Words fail to express, like the beauty of the rose,
the impression of innocence on someone who knows,
his life has been stained, and darkened inside.
When from the bosom of God he ceased to abide.

So God has planned each birth to begin
His display of purity, to draw us back again.


Mel said...

This poem is precious, Fred. It's going in my collection. You and Pastor Eric should both consider publishing your poems. After all, the world needs poets more than prophets these days. Your poem is a taste of wonder and gentleness of Christ. Thank you for sharing it with us.

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
You are too kind, but friendship may have blinded better judgment :)
I have just enough vanity to publish them on my blog and save them for my grandkids, who I hope are as kind as you.
God bless your encouraging heart,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

WOW! You are indeed a great poet. I am amazed at the beautiful words you have used to create wonderful images - purity of children, precious gift, led by a child, fallen man, beauty of the rose, life has been stained, darkened inside etc. I can picture these things vividly in my mind.

Your poetry has conveyed a powerful message--UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU BECOME LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN, YOU CANNOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD. I suppose this means we have to become innocent, pure and believing and trusting in God.

My kudos and compliments for writing this excellent poetry. I'm glad I got an opportunity to read a masterpiece. Many, many thanks for the same.

Have a nice day Fred :)