Saturday, April 04, 2009

“In nothing is childhood more strongly distinguished from manhood than in this, that the small child has no purpose. He has no plan of life. He has no will by which his energies are directed. He lives in a great measure to enjoy the passing scene. He finds his happiness in those agreeable consciousnesses which from hour to hour come to him by chance. If his life is governed by a plan, a purpose, it is the purpose of another. Not his own.
The man has his own purpose, his own plan, his own life and aim. The sorrowful experience of multitudes in this respect is that they are never men, but children all their days.
Take life as God intended. Take it just as thought it was, as it is, an earnest, vital, essential affair. Take it just as though you personally were born to the task of performing a merry part in it. As thought the world had waited for your coming. Take it as though it was a grand opportunity to do and to achieve, to carry forward great and good schemes to help and cheer a suffering, weary or heart-broken brother. The fact is, life is undervalued by a great majority of mankind.”
Photo by Airi Pung


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Very lovely post and very educative.

It is a grand opportunity to do and to achieve, to help and cheer a suffering,weary or heart broken soul.
This is the punch line.

Yes, most of us undervalue our life and fritter it away on inconsequential things. We give importance to unimportant things and we reach no where. In the end we regret for wasting our life.

Wonderful post.

Have a good day,Fred :)

Mel said...

This ties in well with your post from a while back regarding the importance of having a plan, or a guiding purpose, to keep a person on a path instead of frittering away our lives on thousands of distractions while we let go of those things which matter most. At that time I didn't value plans too much, but since then, God (at least I think and hope it was Him...) has brought that exact same message into my life through various sources. He is good, and over the next few days or weeks, with His help, I'm going to try to sit down and put some concrete plans in writing.

God bless you, Fred! :)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
I see you lifted the punch line right out, so true my friend.
Bless you and yours,

Hi Mel,
you have a better memory than I, duh... but it does nearly parallel that other post.
Good luck with concrete, I use nutty putty, holds a form but is flexible :)
You are on my heart, and I know others as well,