Saturday, April 04, 2009

"Man was sent into the world to be a growing and exhaustless force. The world was spread out around him to be seized and conquered. Realms of infinite truth burst open above him inviting him to tread those shining coasts along which Newton dropped his plummet and Herschel sailed. A Columbus of the skies. Some, because they have once or twice met with rebuffs, sink in discouragement.
Such should know, that our own errors may often teach us more than the grave precepts of others. We counsel the young man never to despair. If he can make nothing by any work that presents itself now, he can at least make himself. He can save himself from the sure death of a faint-hearted, halting, irresolute spirit.
He should never be cast down by misfortunes. If a spider breaks his web, over and over he will mend it again. Do you not fall behind the very insect on your walls? If the sun is going down, look up to the stars. If earth is dark keep your eyes on heaven. With the presence and promise of God we can bare up under anything. We should press on and never falter or fear."
Photo by Daren Fentiman


Mel said...

Whoa... I'm convinced that this book was written over a hundred years ago so you could read it, find value in it, post it here, and then I could read it today. I really needed this today. Thanks, Fred. :)

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
I'm always so encouraged to hear that a post speaks to you as it does me. The line that jumped out for me was the simplest, "We counsel the young man never to despair".
I can only guess what stuck out to you but I think this is all good.
Many blessings on you and your family,