Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Completely destitute at a train station Joghis. Still enough for a smile. She could be a model anywhere but she begs for change here. Days, years in the unforgiving Indian sun." - Comments by the photographer Caleb Coleman.

I've had this picture filed for quite a while; it moves me. When I look at this young woman and notice her diminishing beauty and hear the struggles the photographer stated above, I want to personally come to her aid, but there are millions world-wide just like her, and I am but just one. But there are many others already in the harvest field, and my hope is to stir up that fruit of kindness so we may enable Christian workers to......... maybe even reach her.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

On reflection I think if one well to do family can take care of one poor family, a lot of suffering will be mitigated in theis world. Ofcourse, the aid should be direct and no intermediaries should be involved.

A thought provoking post and photo. A gracious, beautiful woman sitting to beg for want of opportunity.

Best wishes :)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Your comments are thought provoking as well; if each family with the means would directly take care of another how much suffering would end? Great thought and it got me to thinking about all the benefits of working directly with people if possible. Learning to love them, more personally, sacrifice of time,all the lessons we learn when we become involved with people that cause us to grow and stretch, and no additional costs of intermediaries. Great insights,