Saturday, November 01, 2008

We hosted a Halloween party last night, and both of my teen granddaughters invited some friends over which brought the population of females at my address to fifteen, I, of course, the only male. There is no way to exaggerate the excited energy flow reverberating through the walls. It was great fun. There were thirteen year olds upstairs and 16 year olds down stairs.
As I surveyed the 8 sixteen year olds I couldn't help but notice the diversity of friends my granddaughter invited. We had three exchange students, one from Norway, France and Japan.
We had a Muslim girl with proper Muslim attire; another is Peruvian and other nationalities mixed who is a L.D.S. girl living with her mom in a single parent family; another lives with her grandparents in nearly an identical situation as my granddaughters who is half Hawaiian and American Indian; and lastly a typical American girl. I don't ever remember being in such a diverse group, and I know that this group wasn't chosen by chance, but rather my granddaughter is mindful of the words of Christ "I was a stranger.....". She has been influenced in many ways to be sensitive to the needs of others and think globally and value all people. Her Uncle Matt with his influence and sensitivity to the stranger; her Uncle Eric with his efforts in a multicultural church; her travel to Asia, the teaching of a Christian school, the local church who's efforts reach all ethnic groups; and our family with its multiracial make-up. I had a deep sense of hope for our world as I watched these girls laugh and talk (all bathed in teen-age silliness) in complete unity with never a regard to accents, skin color, cultural dress or circumstances at home. A true taste of heaven.
Picture from the internet.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred :)

It is always a thrilling experience to be with a group of youngsters. They are full of life and banter, never ending laughter and fun and brighten up a person's life.

I am sure you had a wonderful time.

Best wishes :)

HAINAngel2000 said...

Beautiful picture! Yes children especially teens bring a joy into our lives. Love your post!

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
you described it to a T. Full of life and banter.
God bless,

Hi Mary,
yes there is something about those teen years if children have steered clear of the major evils out there that rob them of that very joy, both for themselves and there loved ones. I have had them all.
Love Fred